Families We've Helped

Our 16 month old daughter Isabella has Holoprosencephaly and due to the complications we make many trips to her doctors 4 hours away.

During 2010 we went to the Dr. in Denver, over 15 times. This has taken quite a toll on our car, especially the brakes.

After her last emergency surgery early this year, I knew the brakes were on the verge of going, and unfortunately did not know how we were going to take care of it.

I had grown close to Nancy since both of our HoPE girls were born in the same month, so I contacted them and asked if Kara's Hope would help us with the brakes. Thankfully they did.

This is such a godsend for parents who need help with things that insurance does not cover. We have been so thankful for their help.

Christine, Tyler & Isabella D.